• Thermo Wood Products are certified 100% chemical FREE, so they are safe for every application, including in areas where pets or children play. Thermo Wood Products are environment & people friendly products.
• The thermal treatment process uses ZERO chemicals, so it’s a 100% ECO friendly process and the wood continues to be 100% safe, natural and environmentally friendly material.

• Thermo Wood is durable and dimensionally stable because our process reduces the wood’s permeability and increases the wood’s water-repellent properties.
• By absorbing less moisture, the product experiences less swelling and contraction and is less subject to cracking and twisting, thus resulting in a longer lived product, naturally.

• Most wood products are adversely affected by changing weather extremes, but Thermor Wood handles any weather conditions. Thermo Wood has passed the test in the harshest of environments, from the hot, dry climate of the Middle East, to the bitter cold winters of Finland.
• Thermo Wood may be used untreated, but also may be ordered in a variety of finishes.

• One of the most valuable advantages of Thermo Wood is its safety. Thermo Wood absolutely doesn’t harm the environment and has no chemical danger of any kind to your family members including the youngest ones.
• Thermal treatment process has no chemicals thus the final products stay 100% natural and neutral to human’s bodies. This fact plays an important fact for people with different allergies.

Durability for decking 25+ years
Durability for cladding 40+ years

More and more people today, when choosing construction materials, prefer to use products made from natural wood, vs products made from chemicals and artificial materials. It’s simple to understand why, considering the aesthetic appeal of wood, plus the fact that chemical-free wood is environmentally friendly and 100% ECO material.

Raw wood is an unstable material. It is susceptible to decay, insects and fungi; it cracks and twists when exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuation. To increase the durability of wood and prolong life, different chemical treatment procedures may be applied. However, chemical treatment of wood, raises the question: is the finished product environmentally friendly and ECO friendly material? Because today the market is full of harmful chemicals, it’s challenging to find materials that are safe. Experts agree, chemically treated wood is no longer considered a natural and ECO material.

Recently, to address this environmental and health risk an exciting new alternative to chemical treatment procedures has been developed. This proprietary process, called Thermal Treatment uses high temperatures and water steam to modify the molecular structure of the wood, resulting in a product with very low premiability and improved dimensional stability. Thermowood’s patented procedure occurs in a sealed vacuum chamber, which prevents the wood from burning. No chemicals are ever applied during the thermal process, so the finished products remains 100% chemical free and 100% ECO friendly from start to finish.