NEW PROJECT! Located in the heart of the innovation hub, The 9 Stellar gathers all the essential facilities for residents to live as well as profit potential for investors to get into. In addition, strictly planned with high standards, the infrastructure around The 9 Stellars such as New Eastern Bus Station, Metro line not only helps to improve the quality of resident's life but also creates a vibrant community with large shopping and commercial areas, drawing the attention of many visitors, shopaholics, becoming a new destination in District 9, Thu Duc City and contributing to increasing real estate value for The 9 Stellar

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Address Hoang Huu Nam St, Long Binh Ward, D9, Thu Duc City, HCMC
Developer- Sơn Kim Land

- Vietnamese: Freehold
- Foreigners: Owning 50 years under current law

Project Type- Apartment, Condominium, Mixed Use
Parnership:- Designer: • ADA & Land Sculptor Studio
- Contractor: • NQH Architects

 • 16,5 ha


- Kindergarten and Primary School, Park,, Gymnastics and Sports Center (Gym, Spa, Yoga ...), Square, BBQ garden, Food Court, Library, Common Room, Jogging Track , Pool…

No. Tower
No. Block
  • Apartment : 14 Block, 3000 units
  • The Villas: 159 Unit với 04 Floor
Expected TOP: - 3/2022

Stage 1 : 191 Apartments & 50 Premium Villas

Apartment price : ~ 2,300 USD/ sqm
1BR - 50 sqm ~ $115,000
2BR - 72 sqm ~ $165,000
3BR - 105 sqm ~ $240,000  

Villa price : ~ $750,000 / for Villas of 4 floor

Booking fee :
- Apartment : 100 mil VND (~ 4,400 USD / unit)
- Premium Villa : 2 bil VND (~ 88,000 USD / unit)

Discount : at sales event on March 2021
- Discount 3% for client who booking in Feb 2021
- Discount 1% for client who booking in Mar 2021

Handover : 
- Villas : Jan 2022
- Apartments : Mar 2023

Payment Schedule For Apartment :
  • Deposit : 100 mil VND (~ 4,400 USD)
  • Within 14 days from deposit : 10% deduct 100 mil VND
  • 3 months later : 10%
  • 3 months later : 5%
  • December 2021 (sign SPA) : 5%
  • 2 months later : 10%
  • 2 months later : 10%
  • 2 months later : 10%
  • 2 months later : 10%
  • Handover Apartment (Mar 2023) : 25%
  • Upon pink book handover : 5%


New hub of the Innovative city

Situated at the hub of Thu Duc City, The 9 Stellars owns a strategic location at the center for innovation and high-tech economic region, along with a complex of synchronous and modern infrastructure.

Excellent accessibility

With the excellent accessibility as the Second Ring Road connecting Districts 2 and 9; the Third Ring Road connecting District 9 and Nhon Trach; a metro line connecting Thu Thiem to Long Thanh International Airport, after completion, the infrastructure will help solve the problem of traffic jams in many areas of District 9 in general as well as provides greater mobility and ease of moving around to the CBD and satellite urban areas in Dong Nai, Binh Duong. This is a great place to start your journey.

Transit-oriented development

Being a Transit-Oriented Development project, 9 Stellars pioneered a modern wellness lifestyle in Thu Duc city with more walking, and less stress, reduce environmental pollution, increase the use of high-quality public transport such as buses, metros. Similar to some global projects, metro connectivity always boosts the area's real estate value.

Green City

Inherited the unique advantage from its location, The 9 Stellars is surrounded by 700ha greenery space from District 9 National Cultural and Historical Park, Vietnam Golf and Country Club, especially the inner landscape lake, the project will bring you closer to a unique eco experience and lush landscaping for total peace and relaxation. Every apartment will ensure a view of green space.

Full range of facilities

Possessed a full range of necessary public facilities and services that are easily accessible for residents such as education, hospital, entertainment, shopping mall, etc. The 9 Stellars brings a full life to any owner

Quality and Safety

Elevated pedestrian walkways connecting from the central station to the hill site do offer benefits - better point-to-point connectivity and increased comfort. This elevated walkway is not only a place for physical activity promoting a healthy life to pedestrians and those who explore destinations on foot but also improves property value.

Focal point of experts

Strategically located right next to the vibrant Hi-tech Parks and industrial parks in surround provinces like Dong Nai and Binh Duong, The 9 Stellars is the centerpiece of the expert's community, the ideal home to attract leading experts in many fields, create a highly educated and talented community.

Mixed use development

With the available advantages, combined with neighboring amenities, The 9 Stellars promotes a multi-style mix of the condo, retail, restaurants, and offices, provides more opportunities and choices for customers, generates a lot of value to residents.

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